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Fashion designer, Seïko Taki's style carries the romantic chic laced with the cool femininity based on elements of mannish tailoring 

 ; bold and delicate, authentic and simple, elegant and comfortable, organic and solid, constructed and liberal. 

The structured volume with a careful layering of fabrics,

textures and colors reflecting the organic and mineral world,

silhouette based on a pure and primary personal identity,

the whole flair bears to her ideal woman: natural, romantic, and innocent.


My creation comes from the Heart.

Cherish your own heart. 

Heart is for yourself. 

Heart is the door of happiness.

Heart brightens up the world.

Heart is Love. 


I sincerely hope that the world will become peaceful for the children around  the world to have a brighter future.


People are not perfect. Life is not always as planned, you can also take a rest.


The way we look at things is rarely the straightest way but more often like a dissymetry. 

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